8 Years of experience

As I've built my business over the years. I've been able to pick up a lot of things along the way that I know will make your business better and see significant growth just like I have.

Here's a few things I go over in the course:

Website & Portfolio

Instagram DMs

Email Marketing

Podcast Marketing

Google & YouTube Ads


Print Marketing

Reels & TikToks


Several of the sections in this course provide templates to make your life easier! There's a 52-week email template, Instagram DM template, cold email template, and video workshop template.

Email Marketing

This is one of the biggest ways I have grown my business into a 7-figure business. Email marketing is a great way to

Instagram Reels

We constantly have clients mentioning to us that they see all of our videos on social media. It's a powerful tool when consistent.

Podcast Marketing

Podcasts have been an incredible way for us to meet new clients and strengthen relationships. This is an underrated for of marketing that your competition is likely not doing.

Ready for a 6-Figure year?

I wanted to make this marketing section of Real Estate Media Pro as valuable as I possibly could.

There's a wide variety of marketing strategies in this course. Choose a few that you like the best and STICK WITH THEM.

You are right around the corner from a very lucrative and fun career.